PureKana CBD Dog Treats | Steak and Sweet Potato CBD for Dog


Why feed your dog substandard snacks when you can instead treat them to the exquisite taste of PureKana Steak & Sweet Potato Hemp Dog Treats? Each treat contains the perfect amount of CBD for your pups: 1.25mg for small dogs (up to 40lbs) and 2.5mg for larger dogs (over 40lbs). Made using non-GMO, all-natural ingredients, these PureKana Steak & Sweet Potato Hemp Dog Treats will leave your pets drooling for their next dose. CBD pet products have become a regular commodity in the lives of pet lovers everywhere, shown to help with everything from separation anxiety to mobility issues. This recipe is an artisan’s dream, and your precious pups will love the refined flavor and natural benefits of CBD!

Dosage (serving size: 1 treat)

–         Small Dog Treats: 25 treats, 25mg CBD per bag, 1mg CBD per serving

–         Large Dog Treats: 20 treats, 50mg CBD per bag, 2.5mg CBD per serving

Brand                        : PureKana

Strength                   : 25mg (25 count), 50mg (20 count)

Size                            : 25 count, 20 count


PureKana Steak & Sweet Potato CBD Dog Treats (20 count)

These succulent treats contain 25mg of CBD per bag for small dogs and 50mg of CBD per bag for larger dogs. That’s 1.25mg or 2.5mg of CBD per treat, respectively, the perfect amount for our furry friends!

All mammals, not just humans, possess an endocannabinoid system (ECS) within the nervous system. CBD interacts with this system, enlisting a range of potential benefits. This means that our pups can experience the nutritional benefits of CBD just like us – because why should humans get to have all the fun?

These PureKana CBD Dog Treats – Steak & Sweet Potato contain only organic, gluten-free, and non-GMO ingredients. There’s no risk of unhealthy additives finding their way into your dog’s diet. And with 20 treats per bag and no artificial ingredients, you can easily ration these to your pets or include them as part of a healthy dietary routine.

Dogs have been known to gain a variety of benefits from CBD. In fact, CBD has been observed to affect a variety of things in animals, including:

– Separation anxiety

– Stress from fireworks, airplanes, car rides, etc.

– Mobility issues

– General quality of life

– Appetite

– Aging and wellness

– Skin and coat improvement

PureKana CBD Dog Treats – Steak & Sweet Potato offer exactly what your dogs need to live a healthy life. PureKana sources all of their CBD from organic, Kentucky-grown hemp. These Full Spectrum CBD treats are 100% THC-free, so you never have to worry about your pets experiencing confusing side effects.

PureKana only wants the best for your pets, and they show this through their wonderfully-crafted PureKana Steak & Sweet Potato Hemp Treats. They do not contain any artificial colors or preservatives, are non-toxic, and come from only the best hemp extractions.


– Raw hemp extract cannabidiol (CBD)

– Beef

– Organic beef stock

– Sweet potato

– Oat flour

– Organic coconut oil

– Honey

– Organic cinnamon

– Baking powder

– Salt

– Mixed tocopherols

– Natural preservatives


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