Lazarus Naturals | Calming Salmon Flavored Full Spectrum Pet Tincture


For the discerning pet’s palate, this salmon-flavored tincture brings a calming CBD treatment to soothe and relax. What’s more, it’s loaded with healthy, natural fish oils that deliver a wellness-boosting dose of Omega-3’s. With mild dosage that’s easily customizable to your pet’s size, it’s a delicious and effective way to introduce CBD into your animal’s daily routine. With a taste they’ll love to take, it’s a great way to help reduce your pet’s stress and anxiety, minimize pain, and get them back to being their healthy, happy selves. Simply add the appropriate dose to your animal’s food or water bowl or, if they’ll cooperate, directly into their mouths with the included dropper attachment! So if your pet is struggling, give them a healthy treat they’ll love to eat!

Dosage (serving size: varies by animal weight; see Description)

15ml tincture: 15 servings, 20mg CBD per serving, 300mg total CBD

30ml tincture: 30 servings, 20mg CBD per serving, 600mg total CBD

60ml tincture: 60 servings, 20mg CBD per serving, 1200mg total CBD

120ml tincture: 120 servings, 20mg CBD per serving, 2400mg total CBD

Brand            : Lazarus Naturals

Strength        : 300mg (15ml), 600mg (30ml), 1200mg (60ml), 2400mg (120ml)

Size            : 15ml, 30ml, 60ml, 120ml


Lazarus Naturals Calming Salmon Flavored Full Spectrum Pet Tincture

More and more pet owners are turning to CBD oil to improve their beloved animal’s anxiety, pain, and overall health. But with pets, finding a flavor they love is key to making CBD treatment a success. Lazarus Naturals presents the perfect solution: a delicious fish-flavored tincture that will make their treatment a treat.

The ingredients are simple, healthy, and appeal to most pet’s palates. This oil is made with wild salmon and wild pollock oils, with a mild-potency full spectrum hemp extract. With no artificial additives of any kind, it’s a healthy treat that’s loaded not only with CBD wellness, but also with health-boosting Omega-3’s!

Proper dosage depends on your animal’s needs, their experience with CBD, and their total weight. Once you have a better understanding of how your animal reacts to CBD treatment, this mild tincture makes it easy to customize their dosage. Simply make small adjustments until your pet experiences the desired results. But when starting out, Lazarus

Naturals recommends a dose based on the following guidelines:

– Less than 15 lbs = up to 0.25 ml

– 15-30lbs = 0.25-0.5 ml

– 30-60lbs = 0.5-1ml

– Over 60lbs = 1 ml or more

Just like with all our products, for pets or for humans, know that this tincture is held to the highest quality standards. Each batch is independently tested for purity, potency, and safety, and is lab-certified free from harmful contaminants.

If your pet is feeling anxious, stressed, or pained, give them the boost they need to get back on their best foot. With Lazarus Natural’s Calming Salmon Flavored Tincture, CBD isn’t just a healthy part of their diet ⁠— it’s a treat they’ll look forward to.


– Wild salmon oil

– Wild pollock oil

– Full spectrum hemp extract


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