Essential Visibility Dog Vest Neon Yellow | Neon color Vest for Dog


  • Length is 10.5″, the chest straps adjusts 13″ to 17″ and the waist straps adjust 18″ to 24″
  • Reflective trim and neon yellow make it highly visible
  • Also available in medium and large sizes


Alcott Essentials Visibility Dog Vest is the perfect way to ensure that your dog is visible while walking at night. It’s essential that you and your dog are easy to spot while out for a walk to alert motorists and prevent accidents. This neon yellow vest is vibrant enough to see in poor lighting and features reflective trim to light up in the twilight of the setting sun or when under light from a streetlamp or from headlights.

The Alcott Essentials Visibility Dog Vest uses adjustable straps to secure its position and it also fits on your dog comfortably. This vest is made especially to fit smaller dogs- but there are also medium and large sizes as well as visibility vests for people. Stay safe while walking your pet and order a vest today!


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