Easy Walk Black & Silver Dog Harness


Hey, it’s a great big world out there, full of new things to sniff, and sometimes it’s just too tough for an adventurous pup to remember how to behave on the leash. The PetSafe Easy Walk Black and Silver Dog Harness lets you take back control of the afternoon stroll without having to tug on your furry friend’s sensitive neck.


Why We Love It

  • Comfortable chest harness safer and easier than leash around the throat
  • Martingale chest loop prevents straps from twisting
  • Quick-snap buckles simple to connect
  • Adjustable for maximum comfort


Harness Sizing

  • Petite: 12-16 inches
  • Petite/Small: 14-18 inches
  • Small: 15-20 inches
  • Small/Medium: 19-25 inches
  • Medium: 20-28 inches
  • Medium/Large: 25-36 inches
  • Large: 26-36 inches
  • Extra Large: 34-46 inches


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