Buddeez Pet Food/Bird Seed Storage Container and Dispenser


  • Bag-In Feature Allows easy dispensing from original bag – keeps food fresh and maintains brand and nutritional information in sight.
  • Durable container allows for big pour with flip lid or controlled pour with spout.
  • Keep food fresher longer.
  • Not only great for Feed and Seed, but can be used for Pet Litter and Treats.
  • BPA Free, Made in the USA!


Large 8-quart dispenser handles up to 10 lb. bags of birdseed or 7lbs. of pet food, kitty litter, biscuits and more. Convenient handle makes pouring easy from any size bag. Patented “Bag-Gripper Lid ” seals contents inside the original bag – yet allows for easy pouring. Dual-Pour Flip Top provides two ways to pour.



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8QT Dual Flip/Pour Spout 16QT 32QT 50QT 80QT
CAPACITY Up to 7 lbs depending on kibble/seed size Up to 12 lbs depending on kibble/seed size. Up to 22 lbs depending on kibble/seed size. Up to 44 bs depending on kibble/seed size. Up to 65 lbs depending on kibble/seed size.
BPA Free

Buddeez pet food dispensers feature a range of sizes for every need. Whether pet food, pantry storage or bird seed, all containers are BPA free, food grade and made in the USA. Their multi-functional uses make them great for the entire household. Featuring slim designs, stack-ability and durability, these containers are built to last.


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